Steele, Allen

Book 1.0 of Coyote Universe

Language: English

Published: Jan 1, 2007

Words: 99108
Pages: 423


**Hugo Award-winning author Allen Steele has forged a permanent place in the pantheon of great science fiction authors with his landmark Coyote Trilogy. Now, he returns to that universe and offers a startling glimpse into the future of space exploration—and humanity itself…** *June 1, 2288*—Europe’s first starship, the EASS *Galileo*, launches on its maiden voyage to venture into unexplored space. Its classified mission: to investigate an unidentified, possibly-alien object traveling outside our solar system, code-named Spindrift. Soon after taking off, the *Galileo* disappears... *February 1, 2344*—A shuttle from the *Galileo* returns to Earth carrying three surviving expedition members. The *Galileo* has been destroyed, and the rest of the crew is lost—but the survivors have not aged. For they have, indeed, made contact with an extraterrestrial race—and become enmeshed in a conflict that brought them face to face with the most apocalyptic force in the galaxy…