Cold Copper Tears

Cold Copper Tears

Glen Cook

Book 3.0 of Garrett, P. I.

Language: English

Publisher: Roc

Published: Jan 1, 1988

Words: 75759
Pages: 279


She was tall, blonde, and offering Garrett an irresistible fee to take a case that seemed open and shut. But in a town of elves and humans, thugs and swindlers—a place where magic and religion could prove an all-too potent mix—Garrett had learned to take a long, hard look before saying yes. Garrett’s doubts are confirmed when the Grand Inquisitor comes looking for his help in the lovely lady’s wake. But even a hard-boiled detective like Garrett, with a Dead Man for an ally and the toughest half-elf in town guarding his back, can find that it’s too late to say no. Turns out Garrett’s been fingered as the latest sacrifice to a long-dead god—and his only chance to save his neck is to solve the case. ** ### From Library Journal An elusive damsel in distress and an evasive Church Magister involve private investigator Garrett in a complex game of sorcery and murder that lays bare the seamy underside of the city of TunFaire. Set in a world where humans coexist alongside 11 half-breeds, ogres, and trolls, this third outing for the laconic hero of Sweet Silver Blues and Bitter Gold Hearts combines sword and sorcery with hard-boiled detective fiction in a fast-paced adventure that should appeal to fans of both genres. JC Copyright 1988 Reed Business Information, Inc.