Garth Nix & Williams, Sean

Book 1.0 of Troubletwisters

Language: English

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

Published: Jan 1, 2011

Words: 71892
Pages: 286


They felt a sudden pain in their ears, followed by a horrible, whispering voice that at first was so soft they could only feel it and not understand. But it grew louder and more strident, until it was the only thing they could hear, as if it emanated inside their own heads. Come to us. Troubletwisters, join us ...welcome, most welcome! When their home mysteriously explodes around their ears, twins Jack and Jaide are sent to live in a place they have never heard of, to stay with a grandmother they have never met. Portland might seem like a quiet coastal town, but it soon becomes apparent that Grandma X is more than a little eccentric, and the strange things going on in the town are anything but ordinary. Talking cats, swarms of cockroaches, a miniature tornado trashing their room - life is about to get a lot more interesting! Something growing Something read Someone living Someone dead.