Jennifer Fallon

Book 3.0 of Hythrun Chronicles: Demon Child

Language: English

Publisher: Orbit

Published: Jan 1, 2001

Words: 156901
Pages: 667


Medalon has surrendered to Karien, ruled by its crazed priest-fanatics. This leaves Medalon's Defenders torn between loyalty to their country and what they believe in, making Tarja an outlaw once again. The Defenders have been scattered and their only hope for aid is now Damin Wolfblade and the vast army of Hythria. But Damin has his own problems to solve first, including false claimants to his throne, civil war ...and, of course, Adrina. The Demon Child R'shiel has finally accepted her destiny, and is searching for answers, whilst the gods use men as pawns in their divine war. But time is running out. She must defeat Xaphista soon, for the Harshini king cannot hide his people hidden for much longer. But how can she defeat a God? The fate of kingdoms will rest on her actions ...