Knight of Shadows

Knight of Shadows

Zelazny, Roger

Book 9.0 of Chronicles of Amber

language: English

Publisher: G.K. Hall

Publishing date: May 1, 2001

Words: 51248
Pages: 188


Time travel, fantasy and alternate history are themes that capture and hold some very loyal readers. Older fans may need or just prefer Large Print; younger fans are often encouraged to read by Large Print.This series offers selections from current and bestselling authors as well as perennial favorites and true classics of the genre.In this ninth book in The Chronicles of Amber series Merle Corey, a.k.a. Merlin, pursues the disappearance of the two people dearest to him: Julia, once murdered and now reincarnated as his enemy, and his father who leaves behind tantalizing signs of life on purpose.What enfolds is a dizzying game of magic and mayhem as Merlin finds himself transported into the shadow realm by the ghost of his great-grandfather . . .