The James Bond Bedside Companion

The James Bond Bedside Companion

Raymond Benson

Language: English

Publisher: Boxtree

Published: Jan 1, 1984

Words: 180011
Pages: 766


An encyclopedic celebration of 007, the world's most popular secret agent, The James Bond Bedside Companion is the most comprehensive single-volume guide to the James Bond phenomenon available. In addition to an intimate portrait of Ian Fleming as remembered by his friends and colleagues and a detailed analysis of every one of Fleming's James Bond titles, this indispensable collection includes: -- An in-depth character study of James Bond, including a sketch of his background and early life, detailed descriptions of his trademarked clothing and other personal habits, including his preferences in food and drink, and a portrait of his famous (or infamous) attitudes toward women and marriage; -- Information about the many by-products of Bondmania and the merchandising of 007, such as Bond's line of toiletries, board games, trading cards, Oddjob Action Dolls, and t-shirts; -- Contact information for the many James Bond fan clubs around the world; -- A critical look at the 007 film series that includes a cornucopia of trivia and essential information on the films' producers, screenplays, directors, actors, soundtracks and special effects; -- Over 100 seldom seen photographs; -- And enough facts, figures, and miscellanea to satisfy even the most ardent fan. Out of print for over a decade, this collector's item is a PublishingOnline exclusive.