To the Galactic Rim (The John Grimes Saga)

To the Galactic Rim (The John Grimes Saga)

A. Bertram Chandler

Language: English

Publisher: Baen

Published: Mar 1, 2010

Words: 166486
Pages: 690


SUMMARY: John Grimes will one day command his own starship, and change the course of Galactic history, but right now here's a wet-behind-the-ears junior officer who finds that he keeps running into problems which were never covered in his courses at the Academy. The Road to the Rim-meet Lieutenant John Grimes of the Federation Survey Service; fresh out of the Academy-and as green as they come. To Prime the Pump- El Dorado is a planet with a pressing problem: the men are infertile, cause unknown, and the women want someone to Do Something! Not quite the problem young John Grimes expected to deal with . . . The Hard Way Up-a collection of seven tales of John Grimers"s adventures, meeting danger and winning glory out at the rim of the Galaxy. The Broken Cycle-John Grimes never intended to get lost in space, let alone being lost with a very attractive policewoman whors"s all business. And he reallynever expected to run into an entity who claims to be a god and has a garden of Eden ready and waiting for the pair. Three novels and a story collection, all in one attractively-priced volume of space adventure.