Dying Inside

Dying Inside

Silverberg, Robert A.

Language: English

Publisher: Ibooks

Published: Dec 31, 1971

Words: 71963
Pages: 282


At 41, David Selig's telepathy is beginning to fade. The unmotivated and out-of-work Columbia grad laments the unpardonable sin of wasting his gift on probing minds for his own private amusement, and for reading the intellects of college students so he can imitate their writing styles in the term papers he ghostwrites for $2.50 a page. The prospect of losing the undetectable voyeurism that is the central theme of his life frightens him, but as he acknowledges the diminution of his powers, he is forced to consider who he really is, and what he will become, if the power disappears forever. Locus Poll Award Nominee, John W. Campbell Memorial Award Winner, Hugo Award Nominee, Nebula Award- Nominee