Science Fiction: The Best of 2002

Science Fiction: The Best of 2002

Silverberg, Robert A. & Haber, Karen

Book 2.0 of Science Fiction

Language: English

Publisher: Ibooks

Published: Feb 25, 2003

Words: 115783
Pages: 470


SCIENCE FICTION: THE BEST OF 2002 Robert Silverberg and Karen Haber, Editors A collection of the best science fiction prose written in 2002, by some of the genre's greatest writers, and selected by two of science fiction's most respected editors. Continuing ibooks' series of popularly-priced, rack-sized "Best of the Year" books edited and designed to appeal to science fiction fans whose budgets may be taxed by more expensive "Best of the Year" collections. • Editor Robert Silverberg is a five-time winner of the Nebula Award, and a four-time winner of the Hugo Award. • Karen Haber is the bestselling co-author of Science of the X-Men, and is a contributing writer to The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. She was also the editor of the essay collection Meditations on Middle Earth, recently nominated for the prestigious Hugo Award.