The Anarch Lords

The Anarch Lords

A. Bertram Chandler

Book 6.0 of John Grimes: Far Traveller Couriers

Language: English

Publisher: DAW

Published: Sep 1, 1981

Words: 67951
Pages: 250


His wild career as a space pirate ended, Grimes faced his toughest assignment - he was "punished" by being made governor of the anarchists' own planet! John Grimes, living legend of the spaceways, had been in and out of some cosmic catastrophes but this threatened to reach his luck's ultimate breaking point! An influx of planetary refugees had made that world a paradise of cheap labor and the original anarchist colonists had become such masters of wealth that no mere outsider could hope to dictate "law and order" to them. They had their own ideas which included slavery, treachery, and utter villainy. Grimes' first task as governor would be simply to stay alive with a whole world plotting his murder!