Contraband From Otherspace

Contraband From Otherspace

A. Bertram Chandler

Book 1.0 of John Grimes Rim Worlds

language: English

Publisher: Gateway

Publishing date: Nov 1, 2007

Words: 32509
Pages: 131


*They drift out to the Rim Worlds—the misfits, the failures and the rebels. They make their tortuous ways out to the very edge of the Galaxy—the malcontents, the round pegs who, even here, are foredoomed to the discovery of an infinitude of square holes. And from all Space they come—the displaced persons.* *From all Space—and (for the skin of the expanding Galaxy is stretched, in every dimension, to the utmost flimsiness)—from all Space-Time.* Grimes and Sonya embark on a wholly different adventure: marriage. But running their own little shipping company takes a back seat to danger when a distress call leads the pair to an alien ship from an alternate universe—a ship carrying *Contraband from Otherspace*— mutant rats who evolved to rule their universe...and threaten to breakthrough to ours.