The Dark Dimensions

The Dark Dimensions

A. Bertram Chandler

Book 3.0 of Grimes in the Rim World

Language: English

Publisher: Ace

Published: Jan 1, 1971

Words: 39567
Pages: 144


### Meeting Between the Universes "What ship " sent Grimes again. "What ship Identify yourself, or I open fire." He grinned when the reply came, "You'd better not." He said aloud, "Not only human, but our sort of people." He flashed, "This is the Rim Worlds Confederacy's cruiser *Faraway Quest*." "Imperial Navy's armed scout *Vindictive*. Never heard of Rim Worlds Confederacy. Who the hell are you " Grimes grinned again, sent, "Can't we talk this over " "Please prepare to receive my boat." * * * "Captain Sir Dominic Flandry, of the Imperial Navy," Williams announced cheerfully. "Sir Dominic, may I present Commodore John Grimes, of the Rim Worlds Naval Reserve " "Your servant, Commodore," said Flandry stiffly. *That'll be the sunny Friday,* thought Grimes. "Good to have you aboard, Captain. Or should I say, 'Sir Dominic' " > **AND THAT WAS ONLY THE BEGINNING. . .**