Planet of No Return

Planet of No Return

Harry Harrison

Book 2.0 of Brion Brandd

language: English

Publisher: Tor Books

Publishing date: Jan 1, 1981

Words: 45876
Pages: 192


Machines that murder... Landing on a new planet is a danger every time, and Selm-II is no exception. The specialists didn't like it. There were no cities visible from space, no broadcasts or transmissions on the blank airwaves - yet the wrecked war machines of an advanced technology littered the rich pastures of the deserted planet. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of crumpled and gigantic weapons of war, a graveyard of destruction stretching almost to the lifeless horizon. But the war wasn't over...and they weren't all wrecks! It's an emergency. It's a job for Brion Brand, the mightiest weighlifter in the galaxy. With the brilliant, sensuous Dr. Lea Morees at his side he plunges into the war zone, into the steel jasm of teh PLANET OF NO RETURN!