Return to Eden

Return to Eden

Harry Harrison

Book 3.0 of Eden

Language: English

Publisher: I Books

Published: Jan 1, 1988

Words: 104210
Pages: 463


The rousing conclusion of an epic trilogy! In WEST OF EDEN and WINTER IN EDEN, master novelist Harry Harrison broke new ground with his most ambitious project ever. He brought to vivid life the world as it might have been, where dinosaurs survived, where their intelligent descendants, the Yilane, challenged humans for mastery of the Earth, and where the human Kerrick, a young hunter of the Tanu tribe, grew among the dinosaurs and rose to become their most feared enemy. Now, in RETURN TO EDEN, Harrison brings the epic trilogy to a stunning conclusion. After Kerrick rescues his people from the warlike Yilane, they find a safe haven on an island and there begin to rebuild their shattered lives. But with fierce predators stalking the forests, how long can these unarmed human outeasts hope to survive? And, of course, Kerrick cannot forget Vainte, his implacable Yilane enemy. She's been cast out from her kind, under sentence of death, but how long will her banishment last? For her strange attraction to Kerrick has turned into a halred even more powerful than her instinets - an obsession that compels her to hunt down Kerrick and kill him. From Library Journal The conflict between the human Tanu and the reptilian Yilane reaches a climax as the two implacable enemies face each other in a battle for the destinies of their races. Harrison's conclusion to his alternate prehistory of Earth excels in its detailed depiction of an alien civilization that might have been. Recommended where the series is popular. JC Copyright 1988 Reed Business Information, Inc. About the Author Harry Harrison is a the award-winning author of numerous bestselling SF novels, including THE STAINLESS STEEL RATS series, the DEATHWORLD series and the predecessor to this book WEST OF EDEN.