Coyote Dreams

Coyote Dreams

Murphy, C. E.

Book 3.0 of Walker Papers

Language: English

Publisher: Luna

Published: May 1, 2007

Words: 111830
Pages: 442


Much of the city can't wake up. And more are dozing off each day.Instead of powerful forces storming Seattle, a more insidious invasion is happening. Most of Joanne Walker's fellow cops are down with the blue flu--or rather the blue sleep. Yet there's no physical cause anyone can point to--and it keeps spreading.It has to be magical, Joanne figures. But what's up with the crazy dreams that hit her every time she closes her eyes? Are they being sent by Coyote, her still-missing spirit guide? The messages just aren't clear.Somehow Joanne has to wake up her sleeping friends while protecting those still awake, figure out her inner-spirit dream life and, yeah, come to terms with these other dreams she's having about her boss...Wouldn't it be easier to just save the world?