Into the Darkness

Into the Darkness

Turtledove, Harry

Book 1.0 of Darkness

Language: English

Publisher: Earthlight

Published: Apr 1, 1999

Words: 239425
Pages: 1045


Hailed for bestsellers like *The Guns of the South*, the World War series, *How Few Remain*, and *The Great War: American Front*, Harry Turtledove has become one of the most popular authors in SF today. Whether writing "alternate history" tales, or fantastic adventures tinged with real history like his Videssos novels, Turtledove writes with the confident and authoritative voice of the best SF writers: strong storytelling, a fantastic imagination, and a deep understanding of authentic human history. Now Harry Turtledove turns his hand to a story of epic dimensions: the story of a World War in a world where magic works. When the Duke of Bari suddenly dies, the neighboring nation of Algarve, long seething over its defeat a generation ago in the Six Years' War, sees its chance to bring his small country back, as they see it, into the Algarvian fold . . . an action which the other countries surrounding Algarve cannot, by treaty, tolerate. As nation after nation declares war, a chain of treaties are invoked, ultimately bringing almost all the Powers into a war of unprecedented destructiveness. For modern magic is deadlier than in eras past. Trained flocks of dragons rain explosive fire down on defenseless cities. Massed infantry race from place to place along a sophisticated network of ley-lines. Rival powers harness sea leviathans to help sabotage one another's ships. The lights are going out all across Derlavai, and will not come back on in this lifetime. Against this tapestry Harry Turtledove tells the story of an enormous cast of characters: soldiers and generals, washerwomen and scholars, peasants and diplomats. For all the world, highborn and low, is being plunged by world war...into the darkness.