Out of the Darkness

Out of the Darkness

Turtledove, Harry

Book 6.0 of Darkness

Language: English

Publisher: Tor Books

Published: Apr 1, 2004

Words: 238601
Pages: 900


Harry Turtledove's rousing saga of a fantastic world at war, which began in *Into the Darkness* and continued through *Darkness Descending, Through the Darkness, Rulers of the Darkness*, and *Jaws of Darkness*, draws to its climactic conclusion in* Out of the Darkness*. As the Derlavaian War rages into its last and greatest battles, allied nations maneuver for positions against each other in a postwar world. But before that time can come, the forces of Algarve, Unkerlant, and their allies must clash a final time, countering army with army and battle magic with ever-more-powerful battle magic. In the midst of it all, the people the war has battered and reshaped must struggle to face their greatest individual challenges, as loves are shattered and found, terrible crimes avenged . . . and some journeys end forever. And the end of the war may not bring peace. . . . **