Off Limits

Off Limits

Ellen Datlow

Language: English

Published: Jan 2, 1996

Words: 103134
Pages: 427


Ellen Datlow (ed) - Alien Sex 02 - Off Limits This second volume of the Alien Sex anthology series brings together authors Neil Gaiman, Robert Silverberg, Samuel R. Delany, Joyce Carol Oates, Elizabeth Hand, and many others to explore the mysteries of sex, alien and human alike. From an alien spy who falls in love with one of the earthlings he’s monitoring, to a woman whose souvenir dream-catcher calls to her bedroom more than she bargained for, to a genetically engineered sex object aboard a space station, these thought-provoking tales of alien sex open up new worlds for fantastical exploration. Contents The Reality Trip ROBERT SILVERBERG The Tattooist SUSAN WADE Dolly Sodom JOHN KAIINE The Lucifer of Blue SHERRY COLDSMITH The Queen of the Apocalypse SCOTT BRADFIELD Oral RICHARD CHRISTIAN MATHESON Grand Prix SIMON INGS The House of Mourning BRIAN STABLEFORD Fetish MARTHA SOUKUP Red Sonja and Lessingham in Dreamland GWYNETH JONES The Future of Birds MIKE O’DRISCOLL Captain China BRUCE MCALLISTER Background: The Dream LISA TUTTLE Aye, and Gomorrah… SAMUEL R. DELANY Ursus Triad, Later KATHE KOJA AND BARRY N. MALZBERG Sextraterrestrials JOE HALDEMAN AND JANE YOLEN The Dream-Catcher JOYCE CAROL OATES His Angel ROBERTA LANNES Eaten (Scenes from a Moving Picture) NEIL GAIMAN In the Month of Athyr ELIZABETH HAND A Biography of Ellen Datlow