The Serial Killers

The Serial Killers

Wilson, Colin & Seaman, Donald

Language: English

Publisher: Virgin

Published: Jan 1, 1990

Words: 153076
Pages: 569


An ordinary family house in a quiet West Country town - 25 Cromwell Street, Glouster. Now known throughout the world as the House of Horror: The home of Fred and Rosemary West and the scene of one of the most shocking cases of serial murder England has ever seen. United by acts of unimaginable cruelty, the West's partnership was one of the most deadly in criminal history. And serial killers are increasing. Triggered by either sexual fantasies or a need to infilct pain and fear, their sadistic addiction to frenzied killing is the most horrifying of all crimes.But with the fromation of the world's first National Centre for the Analysis of Violent Crime in Virginia, made famous in the hugely popular Silence of the Lambs, the methods of tracking these elusive killers have been revolutionised.