New Pathways in Psychology

New Pathways in Psychology

Wilson, Colin

Language: English

Publisher: Signet

Published: Sep 17, 1974

Words: 101153
Pages: 369


Written with the "active and detailed cooperation of Abraham Maslow". Maslow and Wilson were friends and correspondents during the 1960s, and Maslow worked together with Wilson to create this excellent study of Maslovian Psychology. New Pathways first reviews the history of psychology, providing a much-needed context for understanding the revolutionary nature of Maslow's "Third Force" movement. Wilson then brings Maslow's work to life by focusing on the practical applications of Maslow's theories. Highly recommended for all students and researchers who wish to understand the complexities of human motivation and consciousness. This eBook edition contains the complete 270 page text of the original 1972 hardcover edition.