Angel Eyes

Angel Eyes

Lustbader, Eric van Lustbader / Eric

Language: English

Publisher: Fawcett

Published: Feb 19, 1994

Words: 204902
Pages: 898


In Tokyo, Honno Kansei takes part in a ritual death that will turn her world upside down....In Washington, D.C., Tori Nunn, a former U.S. intelligence agent, hurtles into the search for the source of a new brand of killer cocaine....In Moscow, Irina Ponomareva plays a lethal game of cat and mouse with the government and a treasonous underground group.... Unknown to one another, these three women will ignite events that not only decide the fates of drug runners and Japanese Yakuza members, intelligence agents and arms brokers, but that could also change the face 'of the world map. They are all actors in a devious and deadly drama, where treachery awaits them at every turn, and enemies look like friends to the uninitiated....