Elizabeth Bear

Language: English

Publisher: Spectra

Published: Jan 1, 2011

Words: 97685
Pages: 377


**Rife with intrigue and betrayal, heroism and sacrifice, *Grail* brings Elizabeth Bear’s brilliant space opera to a triumphant conclusion. ** **** At last the generation ship *Jacob’s Ladder* has arrived at its destination: the planet they have come to call Grail. But this habitable jewel just happens to be populated already: by humans who call their home Fortune. And they are wary of sharing Fortune—especially with people who have genetically engineered themselves to such an extent that it is a matter of debate whether they are even human anymore. To make matters worse, a shocking murder aboard the* Jacob’s Ladder* has alerted Captain Perceval and the angel Nova that formidable enemies remain hidden somewhere among the crew. On Grail—or Fortune, rather—Premier Danilaw views the approach of the *Jacob’s Ladder* with dread. Behind the diplomatic niceties of first-contact protocol, he knows that the deadly game being played is likely to erupt into full-blown war—even civil war. For as he strives to chart a peaceful and prosperous path forward for his people, internal threats emerge to take control by any means necessary. *From the Paperback edition.* ** ### From Publishers Weekly This deftly told story completes the Jacob's Ladder trilogy begun in Dust and Chill. The Conns and the other inhabitants of an ancient wandering spaceship face their last and greatest challenge. They've finally found a habitable planet, but others beat them to it: "right-minded" humans, surgically altered to achieve emotional balance, and more alien to the Jacobites than extraterrestrials would be. Leaders on both ship and planet are willing to fight and kill to keep the two cultures from interacting, while old enemies aboard the Jacob's Ladder re-emerge to wreak destruction. The story is poised on a knife's edge, with the Jacobites facing both possible annihilation and inner demons just as they're closing in on their goal. Bear's talent for portraying cultural divergence and conflict is especially apparent in this intense wrapup. (Mar.) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved. ### Review "This deftly told poised on a knifes edge.  Bear's talent for portraying cultural divergence and conflict is especially apperent in this intense wrapup." --*Publishers Weekly* "Bear's *Jacob's Ladder* trilogy finale is a stirring and satisfying story...while also being a book about what it means to be human." --*Romantic Times* *From the Paperback edition.*