The Puppet Master

The Puppet Master

John Dalmas

Language: English

Published: May 1, 2014

Words: 118843
Pages: 516


Noir of the Future In an alternate time line, technology has advanced civilization where within a few years the world is several centuries ahead. Even though advanced, crime still happens, only now criminals have new ways to cover their tracks. Private eye Martti Seppanen tracks crooks in a Los Angeles that noir detectives would hardly recognize. What happens when the murderer is someone who can control other people mentally? When the murder weapon is a bioengineered disease? And what if the victim is someone whose existence is a government secret and isn't quite considered human? ''An outstanding writer.'' —C. J. Cherryh ** ### About the Author A former paratrooper and research ecologist, John Dalmas began his writing career by selling his first novel, "The Yngling", to the legendary editor of "Analog", John W. Campbell. Dalmas is known for his masterful combination of action-adventure with the theme of the mystic warrior. In addition to "The Regiment" and its sequels, his many novels for Baen include "The Lion of Farside" and its sequels, "The Lizard War" and its recent sequel "The Helverti Invasion", and such non-series novels as "Soldiers" and "The Second Coming".