Homage to Catalonia

Homage to Catalonia

Orwell, George

Language: English

Publisher: Harper

Published: Jan 1, 1938

Words: 87553
Pages: 382


Orwell's personal account of his experiences and observations in the Spanish Civil War. Amazon.com Review "I wonder what is the appropriate first action when you come from a country at war and set foot on peaceful soil. Mine was to rush to the tobacco-kiosk and buy as many cigars and cigarettes as I could stuff into my pockets." Most war correspondents observe wars and then tell stories about the battles, the soldiers and the civilians. George Orwell--novelist, journalist, sometime socialist--actually traded his press pass for a uniform and fought against Franco's Fascists in the Spanish Civil War during 1936 and 1937. He put his politics and his formidable conscience to the toughest tests during those days in the trenches in the Catalan section of Spain. Then, after nearly getting killed, he went back to England and wrote a gripping account of his experiences, as well as a complex analysis of the political machinations that led to the defeat of the socialist Republicans and the victory of the Fascists. Review ''One of Orwell's very best books and perhaps the best book that exists on the Spanish Civil War.'' --*New Yorker* ''Clear-eyed and unflinching . . . At once history and a moral and imaginative experience. Thus the 'raw material' becomes no less a work of art than its fictional elaboration in *1984*.'' --*New York Herald Tribune Book Review* ''[A] triumph . . . The audio presentation adds a new dimension to a text which is required reading for any student of the Spanish Civil War.'' --*AudioFile