Brian Falkner

Book 4.0 of Recon Team Angel

Language: English

Publisher: Walker Books

Published: Jan 1, 2014

Words: 66006
Pages: 265


For thirteen years the war with the Bzadians has devastated Earth. Now, for the first time, humans may have the upper hand. The Angels must go behind enemy lines to the heart of the Bzadian Empire. It is their final mission: a top-secret delivery to a deep-cover spy. But there is nothing more deadly than an enemy backed into a corner. And there is nothing more dangerous than the pursuit of vengeance. *Vengeance* is the fourth novel in a science fiction military adventure series by bestselling and award-winning New Zealand author Brian Falkner. Young adult fiction readers will be gripped by each action-packed, thrilling instalment. Will the alien Bzadian race win or will Recon Team Angel save all of humanity? Find out in *Assault* (Book 1), *Task Force* (Book 2) and *Ice War* (Book 3). To learn more about Brian, visit his website: