Such Stuff as Screams Are Made Of

Such Stuff as Screams Are Made Of

Bloch, Robert

language: English

Publisher: Del Rey

Publishing date: Jan 1, 1979

Words: 96780
Pages: 365


Nightmares turned inside out. The tunnel of love - in the darkness of a romantic fun house, Marco had a rendezvous with a love who wanted more than kisses...The unspeakable betrothal - a lot of things can happen at night, especially in dreams. But what happened to Avis Long was something you wouldn't dare tell your best friend... Final Performance - Jim Chatham wondered what a nice girl like Rosie was doing with an old has-been like Rudolph in a dump outside of Bakersfield. Unfortunately, he found out... The screaming people - the voice Steve heard in the darkness could have been only a bad dream. But it wasn't, and he wasn't the only on who'd heard it...Screams