The Light-Field

The Light-Field

Traci Harding

Book 3.0 of Triad of Being

Language: English

Publisher: Voyager

Published: Feb 1, 2012

Words: 165980
Pages: 674


In the battle to get the Being of the Field back to the Universe Parallel, the greatest weapon and risk lay in its own light-field. Ten years in Maladaan′s past, Taren Lennox seizes the opportunity to secure personal financing for the AMIE Project and base the building on Frujia -- away from Maladaan and its Secret Service. But when the MSS develop a weapon, from a patent of one of Taren′s inventions, that counts light -- photon by photon -- she begins to doubt her ability to keep her ever-growing psychic army a secret. For this new photon-camera can identify a psychic from the more inept by the unmistakable brilliance of their light-field.