Black Blade

Black Blade

Lustbader, Eric van

Language: English

Published: Jan 2, 1992

Words: 201571
Pages: 775


In New York City, a chain of brutal murders begins....In Washington, a plot conceived at the highest levels of American government is at work to bring the economic colossus of Japan to its knees....In Tokyo, a critical power struggle is nearing its final stages for control of the enigmatic Black Blade Society, an ostensibly political cabal whose motives may encompass far more than politics. This is the dynamic setting for Black Blade, the latest triumph for internationally bestselling author Eric Lustbader. As chief of New York Special Homicide Task Force, Wolf Matheson possesses an uncanny ability to track down and capture murderers where all others have failed. Brought in to solve the murder of New York's best-known real estate tycoon, Wolf soon finds himself caught in a frightening spiral of betrayal, lust, and greed, a hall of mirrors where nothing is what it seems and no one can be trusted. Wolf, son of a Wind River Shoshone and a Texas Ranger, soon discovers that murder is the least of the crimes that have been committed: treason, espionage, even, almost unthinkably, the quest for immortality, are all a prelude to an imminent global war. In a whole new arena - larger and more terrifying than any he has been in before - Wolf finds he must battle people possessed of a mind power so lethal it has remained hidden for centuries. To do this he will have to unlock the riddle of his own past; a past he has disowned. Worse, he is forced into an uneasy alliance with the beautiful Japanese woman Chika, who will become either his savior or his murderer. For in Japan, the Oracle has been born, an altogether new form of life that is about to change the balance of world power forever. Eachfaction of the Black Blade Society - and now Wolf and Chika - is caught in a deadly race against time to find the Oracle before it is put into use. And before their search is over forces they can only guess at will be unleashed to wreak murder, mayhem, and madness on all who join it.