All Complex Ecosystems Have Parasites

All Complex Ecosystems Have Parasites

Cory Doctorow

Language: English

Publisher: Feedbooks

Published: Jul 15, 2005

Words: 3386
Pages: 12


My friend Katherine Myronuk once told me, “All complex ecosystems have parasites.” She was talking about spam and malware (these days they’re often the same thing) and other undesirable critters on the net. It’s one of the smartest things anyone’s ever said to me about the net – and about the world. If there’s a niche, a parasite will fill it. There’s a reason the cells of the organisms that live in your body outnumber your own by 100 to one. And every complex system has unfilled niches. The only way to eliminate unfilled niches is to keep everything simple to the point of insignificance. **