The Blood Mirror

The Blood Mirror

Weeks, Brent

Book 4.0 of Lightbringer

Language: English

Publisher: Orbit

Published: Oct 25, 2016

Words: 225583
Pages: 955


**The nail-biting continuation to the Lightbringer series from New York Times bestseller Brent Weeks. ** **When does an empire fall?** The Seven Satrapies have collapsed into four-and those are falling before the White King's armies. Gavin Guile, ex-emperor, ex-Prism, ex-galley slave, formerly the one man who might have averted war, is now lost, broken, and trapped in a prison crafted by his own hands to hold a great magical genius. But Gavin has no magic at all. Worse, in this prison, Gavin may not be alone. Kip Guile will make a last, desperate attempt to stop the White King's growing horde. Karris White attempts to knit together an empire falling apart, helped only by her murderous and possibly treasonous father-in-law Andross Guile. Meanwhile, Teia's new talents will find a darker use-and the cost might be too much to bear. Together, they will fight to prevent a tainted empire from becoming something even worse. **Lightbringer** *The Black Prism* *The Blinding Knife* *The Broken Eye* *The Blood Mirror* For more from Brent Weeks, check out: **Night Angel** *The Way of Shadows* *Shadow's Edge* *Beyond the Shadows* *Night Angel: The Complete Trilogy* (omnibus) *Perfect Shadow: A Night Angel Novella* (e-only) *The Way of Shadows: The Graphic Nove*l ** ### Review "Brent Weeks has a style and immediacy of detail that pulls the reader relentlessly into his story. He doesn't allow you to look away."―***Robin Hobb*** "The Lightbringer series is great fun. Nobody does break-neck pacing and amazingly-executed plot twists like Brent Weeks."―***Brian McClellan, author of *Promise of Blood **** "His plot feels like an orchestrated chess match between genius grandmasters."―****Publishers Weekly *on *The Broken Eye**** *"The Blinding Knife* was even better than the *The Black Prism* (and that's saying something!)"―***B& on *The Blinding Knife**** "Brent Weeks is so good it's starting to tick me off."―***Peter V. Brett, *New York Times* bestselling author of *The Desert Spear *on The Night Angel Trilogy*** "*The Blinding Knife* is a wonderful work of high fantasy with engaging characters facing the perfect antagonists, set in a creatively-wrought and increasingly chaotic world brimful of imaginative magic and interesting politics. Weeks holds fast to the traditions of his genre while adding a compelling new flavor."―****The Ranting Dragon**** "One of the best epic fantasies I've ever read."―****Staffer's Book Review *on* The Blinding Knife**** "Weeks manages to ring new tunes on...old bells, letting a deep background slowly reveal its secrets and presenting his characters in a realistically flawed and human way."―****Publishers Weekly* on *The Black Prism**** "...A solid, entertaining yarn."―***The Onion A.V. Club on *The Black Prism**** "Weeks has written an epic fantasy unlike any of its contemporaries. It is a truly visionary and original work, and has set the bar high for others in its subgenre."―****** "One of the best Fantasy books of 2012!"―****A Dribble of Ink *on* The Blinding Knife**** ### About the Author **Brent Weeks** was born and raised in Montana. He is the *New York Times *bestselling author of the Night Angel trilogy and the Lightbringer series, among others. He lives in Oregon with his wife.