The Damned Trilogy

The Damned Trilogy

Alan Dean Foster

Language: English

Publisher: Open Road Media

Published: Mar 3, 2017

Words: 307139
Pages: 1341


Three sequential tales of alien warfare in one epic volume from the *New York Times*–bestselling author of *The Force Awakens* and *Star Trek**Into Darkness*.** For millennia, the Weave, an alliance of species, have fought to resist the telepathic Amplitur, who strive to unite all self-aware life-forms in their great "Purpose." The Weave is slowly losing ground, but for both sides, warfare focuses more on outthinking and outmaneuvering your foe than destruction. In fact, most regard violence as hideously barbaric, and even the thought of harming another sentient being is beyond imagining. Then they come to Earth . . . A Call to Arms*** When one of its scout ships lands on Earth, the Weave quickly realizes that humanity's almost innate ability to wreak havoc and death may hold the key to turning the tide in their fight. Unfortunately for all, the Amplitur have the same idea—and mankind is caught...