A Handful of Darkness

A Handful of Darkness

Dick, Philip K.

language: English

Publisher: Grafton

Publishing date: Jan 1, 1955

Words: 64810
Pages: 258


The author's second book, first collection of short fiction, and first hardcover book. "Phil's first hardcover, a selection of early stories [written 1952-1954] published by Rich & Cowan in London. At the time Phil considered his fantasy stories to be his best, but R & C held that fantasies were for children. Only two made it: 'The Cookie Lady,' a variation on the Hansel and Gretel theme, and the haunting 'Upon the Dull Earth,' Phil's take on the Orpheus legend, with lover seeking to rescue his Eurydice from life-thirsting angels."- Sutin, Divine Invasions, p. 292