Unicorn Variations

Unicorn Variations

Zelazny, Roger

language: English

Publisher: Timescape Books

Publishing date: Nov 15, 1983

Words: 82952
Pages: 350


ISBN-13: 9780671494490 Product Description First edition. Followed later by a book club edition. Collection of short works includes an introduction by the author and: A Hand Across the Galaxy (1967); A Very Good Year . . . (1979); And I Only Am Escaped to Tell Thee (1981); Angel, Dark Angel (1967); But Not the Herald (1965); Dismal Light(1968); Exeunt Omnes (1980); Fire and/or Ice (1980); Go Starless in the Night (1979); Home is the Hangman [Nemo](1975); My Lady of the Diodes (1970); Recital (1981); Some Science Fiction Parameters: A Biased View (1975, essay); The Force That Through the Circuit Drives the Current (1976); The George Business (1980); The Horses of Lir (1981); The Last of the Wild Ones [Sam Murdock](1981); The Naked Matador (1981); The Night Has 999 Eyes (1964); The Parts That Are Only Glimpsed: Three Reflexes (1978, essay); Unicorn Variation (1981); Walpurgisnacht (1981).