Elizabeth Bear

Language: English

Published: Jan 1, 2006

Words: 22444
Pages: 89


Free online fiction (Novella) from Subterranean Press. Guten Abend, meinen Damen under Herren! You are this chilly March evening aboard the zeppelin Hans Glücker, departing old Calais for the city of New Amsterdam, jewel of British North America. Among you is a celebrity: the famed Don Sebastien de Ulloa, known to the Continent as the Great Detective, along with his assistant Jack Priest. Ah! I see your concern. Clearly you know of Don de Ulloa’s reputation. Allow me to assure you, they are only passengers on this voyage, just part of our small and cozy coterie as we sail across the Atlantic. So, relax, ladies and gentlemen. After all, this is 1899, and this is a zeppelin. What could possibly go wrong?