Paths Not Taken

Paths Not Taken

Simon R. Green

Book 5.0 of Nightside

Language: English

Publisher: Ace

Published: Aug 30, 2005

Words: 82653
Pages: 359


I’m John Taylor. I was born in the Nightside, that square mile in the hidden center of London where it is always the hour of the wolf, where gods and monsters walk side by side and where every dark question ever asked can be answered—for a price. I left for a while, but I did come back, to make my living doing what I do better than anyone else: finding things—lost or stolen, real or imaginary. Recently, I found the most dangerous thing of all: the true identity of my long-gone mother. Turns out she’s a being who’s been around since before the dawn of history. Then, she created the Nightside—and now, for her own warped reasons, she intends to destroy it. To stop her before she even gets started, I’ve got to do some hard traveling—back in Time, through endless eons, into the very distant—and probably deadly—past… ** ### From Booklist The follow-up to *Nightingale's Lament* (2004) finds John Taylor reeling from the discovery that his mother is the legendary Lilith of biblical times and that she is responsible for the creation of the Nightside. Before he can begin his investigation into the Nightside's origins, a man named Eamonn Mitchell, who is being attacked by versions of himself from the past, approaches him for help. Taylor traces the problem to Eamonn's shady company, and after he solves Eamonn's problem, he is inspired to manipulate time himself by seeking out Father Time and asking to be sent to the era when Lilith created the Nightside. Along with his friends Suzie Shooter and Tommy Oblivion, Taylor takes the plunge, but they end up 500 years later than intended, thanks to Lilith's machinations. They persist making their way through time, leading to a showdown with Lilith in the past that could cost Taylor his future. Fans of the Nightside series will enjoy the journey into the past of London's underworld. *Kristine Huntley* *Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved* ### Review **Praise for Simon R. Green’s Novels of the Nightside:** “A macabre and thoroughly entertaining world.” – Jim Butcher, author of the Dresden Files “Fast paced and amusing, as well as packed with inventive details.”—*The Denver Post* “Fast, fun, adventurous detection in a setting in which nearly anything’s possible.” – *Booklist* “Sam Spade meets Sirius Black…inventively gruesome.” – *Entertainment Weekly* “Superlative…An intricate and action-filled plot that seamlessly blends crime and the supernatural.” *– Publishers Weekly* “Readers who prefer their gore with huge melodramatic flourishes and a side of slyly amusing repartee will find Joh Taylor at least the equal of Jim Butcher’s Chicago wizard PI Harry Dresden.” – *Kirkus Reviews* “Cross *The X-Files* with *The Twilight Zone*, add a pinch of *The Outer Limits* and a dash of *Eerie, Indiana*, and one might have a glimmer of an idea what the Nightside is like.” – BookBrowser * “*Totally enjoyable…take a vacation into the Nightside…just try not to get lost in it.” – Crimespree “A captivating tale starring a heroic and endearing character whose thoughts when he is in danger are hilarious.” – *Midwest Book Review* “Taylor is the Sam Spade for the twenty-first century, willing to stare down an angel, a demon, or a god. [The] Nightside has the meanest of the mean streets, and John Taylor is right at home there.” – Fantasy Literature