The Spy Who Haunted Me

The Spy Who Haunted Me

Simon R. Green

Language: English

Publisher: Penguin Group

Published: May 31, 2010

Words: 128927
Pages: 492


From Publishers Weekly Green's bright, fast-paced third Eddie œShaman Bond Drood adventure (after 2008's *Daemons Are Forever*) opens with rumors of a traitor undermining the Drood family's efforts to guard humanity against paranormal and mystical threats. Complicating matters, legendary agent Arthur King is dying without an heir. Eddie joins a group of other agents in tackling King's challenge: solve five of mankind's greatest mysteries and learn King's secrets, including the traitor's name. Engaging, well-crafted quests take the team from Loch Ness to Roswell, where Eddie is forced to choose between saving humanity and recovering the information his family desperately needs. Though some supporting characters are clearly meant to be disposable, Eddie makes a likable hero, and fans will enjoy following him through this surprisingly complex mystery. *(June)* Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. From Eddie Drood is back, in a contest with five up-and-comers in the spy game. Legendary independent agent Alexander King, on his deathbed, has devised a contest, the winner of which will get his secrets, lest they expire with him. The Drood family is roped into competing by hints that King knows who the traitor in its bosom is; the other five contestants, by promises of fame, glory, and whatever else they desire. Eddie and his fellow contestants range round the world to solve some of the greatest mysteries ever, from the truth about Nessie to that about Roswell, yet only one will win. King assumes they will backstab each other, and he’s not entirely wrong. The Droods need to know who their traitor is, so Eddie will do everything necessary to win. There’s more to the contest than simple mysteries, however, and Eddie gets to the bottom of things with style and a particularly cynical sense of humor. Series-spinner Green’s Drood books are fun, funny, and action-packed, and Eddie is one of his most entertaining creations. --Regina Schroeder