The Alien Debt

The Alien Debt

F. M. Busby

Book 3.0 of Holzein Dynasty

Language: English

Publisher: Bantam

Published: Jan 1, 1984

Words: 88174
Pages: 331


The Saga of Bran and Rissa Continues Their victory over the Imperial tyranny of United Energy and Transport complete, Bran Tregare and Rissa Kerguelen set out to aid the Shrakken aliens in their war against the telepathic killers called the Tsa. But on route to battle, the Tsa attacked, and Bran and Rissa's scoutship crashed on the wilderness world of Shaarbant. Leaderless, their starship's crew fought the Tsa with an untested, time-twisting stardrive, while Bran, Rissa and their daughter Lisele faced an equally desperate struggle for survival on a perilous and primitive planet.