The Ruby Tear

The Ruby Tear

Suzy McKee Charnas

Language: English

Published: Nov 1, 1997

Words: 75969
Pages: 337


Recovered from a devastating car wreck, Jessamyn Croft finds her professional comeback blocked by Nic Griffin, who has broken off their engagement.  Now he even tries to deny her a part in his new play, "The Jewel".  She wins the part anyway, pinning her comeback hopes on a stage success.  But as she struggles to regain her confidence and revive her stage skills, other “accidents” haunt the theater, threatening the production's survival.  A European gem dealer, Ivo Craggen, attaches himself to the project as a consultant, but Jessamyn seems to be his real interest. She finds herself unwittingly entangled in an ages-old feud between the Griffin family and this mysterious and magnetic foreigner, a battle focused on a gem called the Ruby Tear. Is she a just a pawn in Craggen's scheme for revenge and the recovery of a lost family treasure, or is she something more?  And can Nic escape the curse that afflicts every generation of Griffin men?