The Hammer of Darkness

The Hammer of Darkness

J. r. ,. L. E. Modesitt

Published: Apr 25, 2011

Words: 89195
Pages: 392


Review Praise for L.E. Modesitt, Jr. "Modesitt's abundant novelistic virtues -- great characters and plotting, impressive attention to detail -- aside: this is smart, aware, provocative, and engrossing on several political, economic, and professional levels." --_Kirkus, s_tarred review on _Flash _"Nonstop action, which . . . never sidelines good world-building and characterization. . . . A marvelous thriller that plausibly extrapolates from current possibilities in IT, AI, media, and crime, it also constitutes the way for newcomers to get acquainted with Modesitt-at his best." --_Booklist *on *Flash _"Thoughtful SF readers will appreciate this weighty tale of humanitarian intentions and social speculations.” —_Publishers Weekly_ on _Ethos Effect _“If you’re seeking space battles and diplomatic intrigue within a well though-out universe then Modesitt delivers in patches.” --_Vector_ on _Ethos Effect _“Modesitt has outdone himself . . . This brilliant novel is as thought provoking as it is entertaining.” --_Publisher Weekly_, starred review on *Archform: Beauty Product Description Martin Martel is an exile in trouble with the gods. . . .  After finding out that he has unusual powers, he is banished from the planet Karnak. Thrust into the tranquil world of Aurore, vacation paradise for the galaxy, Martin finds that the reality of Aurore is much different from the planet’s serene veneer. The gods are wantonly cruel and indifferent to the chaos they cause: are they really gods or just men and woman with larger-than-life powers? Whatever the answer Martin Martel must challenge their supremacy to defend his life, love, and the fate of the galaxy.