Firebrand (Green Rider 6)

Firebrand (Green Rider 6)

Kristen Britain

Language: English

Publisher: Gollancz

Published: Mar 2, 2017

Words: 247552
Pages: 1031


Karigan G'ladheon's adventure continues in the much-anticipated sixth installment in the NEW YORK TIMES bestselling series. Green Rider Karigan G'ladheon, not yet recovered in heart or mind from her unexpected trip through time, is assigned a new mission. She must seek out the legendary creatures called p'ehdrosian to renew an alliance of old in the face of dire threats from enemies who seek to destroy Sacoridia using dark magic. Each step on her journey northward grows more perilous as she faces attacks from groundmites, encounters with ghosts, and, ultimately, the threat of the necromancer and leader of Second Empire, Grandmother, as they approach the enemy encampment in the Lone Forest. Meanwhile, King Zachary of Sacoridia has been kidnapped by an ice elemental who is allied with Second Empire. Can Karigan free her king from captivity with just two allies by her side? ** ### Review Praise for the *Green Rider* series: “*Green Rider *is a wonderfully captivating heroic fantasy adventure.... Kristen Britain’s likable heroine and fast-paced plot kept me eagerly turning pages. **This is the rarest of finds: a truly enjoyable read**.” —Terry Goodkind, #1 *New York Times*-bestselling author of The Sword of Truth series "Kristen Britain is one of the most astonishing fantasy writers working today. She has created a **richly imagined world where magic is as real as courage**, and where a young woman's heroism can change the course of history." ―Tess Gerritsen, author of *The Apprentice* "Britain keeps the **excitement high from beginning to end**, balancing epic magical battles with the humor and camaraderie of Karigan and her fellow riders." ―*Publishers Weekly* "Readers of epic fantasy and series followers will want this **finely honed, skillfully crafted tale**."―*Library Journal** ***“The intermittent sense of foreboding is offset by a**** healthy dose of old-fashioned adventure****—kidnappings, a noble thief, near drowning, divine visitations, ghosts, a visit to an upscale brothel, and some very bad knife throwing—that provides a satisfying temporary conclusion despite this being very much a middle novel with serious nastiness still looming.” **—Locus  **“The gifted Ms. Britain writes with ease and grace as she creates a **mesmerizing fantasy** ambiance and an appealing heroine quite free of normal clichés.” —***RT Reviews* * * **“This captivating fantasy is filled with adventure, action, and heroes. Karigan grows tremendously as a person and in the end finds her own place in this world. The characters, including minor ones, are well-developed and the plot is complex enough to get the reader thinking. **This is a real page-turner**.” —***VOYA *** "Kristen Britain **writes so beautifully that I never want to have to put her books down**." ―Fantasy Book Review ### About the Author ****Kristen Britain** **is the author of the *New York Times*-bestselling Green Rider series. She lives in an adobe house in the high desert of the American Southwest beneath the big sky and among lizards, hummingbirds, and tumbleweeds. Kristen can be found online at