Nightbook: A Novel

Nightbook: A Novel

William Kotzwinkle

Language: English

Publisher: Avon Books

Published: Nov 15, 1974

Words: 32236
Pages: 143


One night many centuries ago, the fair ladies of Athens gathered to tell stories about the pursuit of varied physical pleasures. Shortly, though, it appeared that the stories could not be confined to ancient times, another century -our own- began to interrupt their lascivious tales. A wise and loving scribe was on hand at both scenes. William Kotzwinkle reports on that wondrously exciting evening in "Nightbook". From him we learn of the enduring pleasures of incest, transvestitism, voyeurism, bestiality, masturbation, heterosexuality, homosexuality, and other events that can only be described under the cover of night before sunrise. "A raunchy, sensitive, witty notebook on sex and life", wrote Newsday, and The New York Times stated, "Kotzwinkle's characters are plugged into the life force...he is into legends that might surprise Bullfinch".