West of Honor

West of Honor

Jerry Pournelle

Book 1.0 of Falkenberg's Legions/CoDominium

Language: English

Publisher: Baen

Published: Aug 8, 1978

Words: 54639
Pages: 223


### INTRODUCING JOHN CHRISTIAN FALKENBERG —THE MERCENARY Sooner or later, all civilizations age and decline, grow senile and die—either by conquest from without, or from internal rot. The final days of Western Civilization are signaled by the joining of the USA and the USSR into a ruthless and imperial state that spans first the Earth and then the Solar System. But, because it fails to hold the loyalty of its soldiers, it falters at the stars. As well as carrying the CoDominium Future History into the galactic period, *West of Honor* introduces Jerry Pournelle's most important and influential character, John Christian Falkenberg. "A military novel of the future as it ought to be told—by a man who knows not just the military and the future but the great art of storytelling."—Gordon R. Dickson