James Alan Gardner

Book 1.0 of League Of Peoples

Language: English

Publisher: Eos

Published: Jan 1, 1997

Words: 99035
Pages: 407


In *Expendable*, the first volume of the League of Peoples, Festina Ramos is assigned to escort an unstable admiral to planet Melaquin. Little is known about Melaquin, for every explorer who’s landed there has disappeared. It’s come to be known as the “planet of no return,” and the High Council has made a habit of sending troublesome admirals there in an attempt to get rid of them. It’s clear that this is intended to be Ramos’s last mission, but she doesn’t plan on dying, no matter how expendable she may be. ** ### Amazon.com Review Great writing carries this unusual story about the Explorer Corps., the branch of the League of Peoples responsible for investigating planets and contacting new life forms. The catch is that corp members usually die in the process. That's why the corps comprises the medical misfits of society--people healthy enough to function yet disfigured or deformed enough that no one cares all that much if they die. Festina Ramos is an "Expendable Crew Member" who has just been ordered to escort a soon-to-be-senile admiral to Melaquin, a planet with an impeccable record for killing Explorer teams. It was meant to be a one-way mission to rid the League of one more has-been admiral, but Festina has other ideas about how things will turn out. ### From the Back Cover From a remarkable new science fiction voice comes a stunning debut novel of bold imagination--an exciting tale of deep space, alien worlds, and the select group of men and women whose mission is to make first contact with the unknown. They are ... expendable. Under the benevolent leadership of the League of Peoples, there is no war, little crime, and life is sacred... unless you're an Explorer. The ugly, the flawed, the misfit, the deformed--they are the unwanted, flung to the furthest corners of the galaxy to investigate hostile planets and strange, vicious creatures. Out there, there are a thousand different--and terrible--ways to die. Festina Ramos belongs to the well-trained, always-dwindling ranks of ECMs (Expendable Crew Members). Now she and her partner, Yarrum Derigha, have been ordered to escort the unstable Admiral Chee to Melaquin--the feared "Planet of No Return"--which has swallowed up countless Explorers before them without a trace. Obviously, this is meant to be the *last* mission for Ramos and Derigha. But it won't be if Festina can help it.