The Kruton Interface

The Kruton Interface

John Dechancie

Language: English

Publisher: Ace

Published: Jan 1, 1993

Words: 36158
Pages: 155


Captain David Wanker thought his career had hit rock bottom. Then he was assigned to the starship Repulse, the lowest-rated ship in the Space Forces. The navigator gets lost, the engineer speaks only Gaelic, the security personnel have narcolepsy, and the ship's doctor needs medication. No sooner than he takes command, his job as captain is lost to automation invented by a mad scientist who thinks he's Groucho Marx. Worse yet, when he meets up with the inhabitants of the planet Kruton, a world that is one huge law firm, he finds himself a defendant in the biggest lawsuit ever to hit the Galactic courts. Hilarity not only ensues--it practically goes supernova!

"Unerring Marxmanship. This book would have left Harpo speechless." -- "William Tenn" (classic science fiction author, pseudonym of Philip Klass)

"Madcap science fantasy--fun filled adventure!" -- Booklist

"DeChancie always delivers!" -- Mike Resnick (Hugo Award winner) 

Meet the crew of the lowest-rated ship around: the U.S.S. Repulse. Captain David Wanker is a fool, his engineer is incompetent, and the ship's doctor is on heavy medication. But when an army of alien lawyers sue the entire human race, only Wanker and his crew can save the day. Original.