GeneStorm: City in the Sky

GeneStorm: City in the Sky

Kidd, Paul

Language: English

Publisher: Paul Kidd

Published: May 18, 2015

Words: 123827
Pages: 513


Genestorm: City in the Sky The apocalypse has come and gone. The aftermath is a whole new world. The world of the hybrids. * * * “Spark Town” is home to a community of colourful, hybridised citizens who thrive in the strange new world. But suddenly, a long lost menace from the past arises; swarms of nightmarish carnivorous creatures attack Spark Town, threatening to utterly extinguish every living thing in their path. “Snapper” – shark mutant, prospector and latter-day hussar – leads a team of fellow explorers as they seek out the origins of the terrifying new invasions. The weapons needed for their town’s survival may still exist somewhere in long lost, ancient cities. But the cities are hidden behind barriers of lethal radiation. The next invasion is coming – and time is running out. _ Sabres, sharks and six-guns! A cracking, page-turner of a novel! Wild hussar charges, savage mutants, majestic vistas and colourful characters. “They don’t write them like this anymore!” Look for the GeneStorm RPG by Kitsune Press **