War Maid's Choice-ARC

War Maid's Choice-ARC

David Weber

Language: English

Publisher: Baen

Published: Jul 3, 2012

Words: 226763
Pages: 899


About the Author With over 7 million copies of his books in print and seventeen titles on the *New York Times* bestseller list, **David Weber** is the science fiction publishing phenomenon of the new millennium. In the hugely popular *Honor Harrington* series, the spirit of C.S. Forester’s Horatio Hornblower and Patrick O’Brian’s *Master and Commander *lives on—into the galactic future. Books in the *Honor* Harrington and *Honoverse* series have appeared on fourteen best seller lists, including those of *The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times*, and *USA** TODAY.* While Weber is best known for his spirited, modern-minded space operas, he is also the creator of the *Oath of Swords* fantasy series and the *Dahak* science fiction saga. Weber has also engaged in a steady stream of bestselling collaborations, including his *Starfire* series with Steve White, which produced the *New York Times *bestseller *The Shiva Option* among others*. *Weber’s collaboration with alternate history master Eric Flint led to the bestselling *1634: The Baltic War, *and his planetary adventure novels with military science fiction ace and multiple national bestseller John Ringo includes the blockbusters *March to the Stars *and* We Few. *Finally, Weber’s teaming with Linda Evans produced the bestselling* Multiverse* series. David Weber makes his home in South Carolina with his wife and children.