Primary Inversion

Primary Inversion

Catherine Asaro

Book 1.0 of Saga of the Skolian Empire

Language: English

Publisher: Tor Books

Published: Jan 1, 1995

Words: 103665
Pages: 414


* A tale of the Ruby Dynasty/Skolian Empire. - Two interstellar empires are locked in seemingly endless conflict: the Skolian Empire, with its well-trained Jagernauts and faster-than-light communications maintained by members of its Ruby Dynasty, against the Eubian Empire, which thrives on slavery and whose elites are known for their cruelty. Soz Valdoria, a Jagernaut and member of the Ruby Dynasty, is attracted to her supposed "enemy" Jabriol, the son of the ruler of the Eubian empire, or Traders. With hostile forces seeking their capture or death, Soz and Jabriol must work out their own -- and hopefully their empires' -- salvation. Called by Booklist "one of the best SF first novels in years", Kirkus Reviews praised PRIMARY INVERSION: "An imaginative debut that takes off at a frantic pace, with dazzling technology, stirring battles and mental hijinks ... plenty of energy and invention." (Lightning Strike, Book I and Lightning Strike, Book II are the same story as told in Catch the Lightning, but substantially rewritten and expanded for the eBook form. The eBook version of Primary Inversion is rewritten from the original and is considered the best version.) On PRIMARY INVERSION: "One of the best SF first novels in years." - Booklist “Fast, smart, speculative and full of theorizing about faster-than-light drive, PRIMARY INVERSION is a stellar debut.” - Los Angeles Daily News “An unusually masterful first novel.  Physicist Asaro combines hard speculative science and first-rate storytelling.” - Booklist “Hard science fiction fans can rejoice—the next superstar is here.” - Romantic Times on the Skolian Empire series: "One of the major series in the genre." - SF Chronicle "Asaro's Skolian saga is now nearly as long and in many ways as compelling as DUNE, if not more so." - Booklist "Catherine Asaro brings the feel of science back into science fiction." - Donald M. Kingsbury, author of COURTSHIP RITE and PSYCHOHISTORICAL CRISES. "Known for her brilliance at combining science, adventure and riveting characterization, Catherine Asaro breaks new territory..."  - Mary Jo Putney, New York Times bestselling author of THE WILD CHILD and THE RAKE "Sound characterization, straightforward plotting, abundant world building detail, and almost as much humor." - Booklist "Thoughtful and imaginative..." - Diana Gabaldon On CATCH THE LIGHTNING “CATCH THE LIGHTNING is space adventure for the 21st century… This book crackles with ideas.” - Nancy Kress, Nebula Award winner “Catherine Asaro keeps the wonders tumbling along at the level of sheer delight.” - Absolute Magnitude On Catherine Asaro "Readers seeking the harmonious meld of hard SF's rigor and human chemistry's heat should read Catherine Asaro's fiction." - SciFi Weekly "Asaro's portrait of interstellar intrigue, weird socio-political customs and galactic history has come to approach the neighborhood of such classics as Frank Herbert's DUNE series." - “Asaro, who’s a physicist, offers an intelligent exploration of possible links between telepathy and quantum physics and informs many of the scenes between lovers with power and tenderness.” - Publishers Weekly ** ### From Publishers Weekly Set in the distant future, Asaro's debut novel pits Sauscony Valdoria (Soz) and her crew of Jagernauts-bioengineered fighting empaths-against the Trader Empire. Traders are a race that derive pleasure from the amplified pain and anguish of empaths-especially Jagernauts, as Soz knows from personal experience. Soz is also a likely heir to the powerful Skolian Empire, rival of the Traders. On a neutral planet, she meets the Trader heir and discovers he has the unusual psi abilities her race possesses. The two link mentally and fall in love. But will Soz be forced to kill her lover to protect her empire? Though Asaro, a physicist, provides more than enough esoteric detail on faster-than-light inversion drives, cybernetic enhancements and computer networks, she manages to anchor her story with thoughtful, engaging characters and an intriguing vision of the future-and she leaves the door open for a sequel. Copyright 1995 Reed Business Information, Inc. ### From Library Journal In a distant future where three empires battle for control of the galaxy, Sauscony Valdoria, the heir apparent of the Skolian Empire, finds herself inexplicably attracted to Jaibriol Qox, the son of the Emperor of Tarnth and the symbol of everything Sauscony has been taught to despise. Asaro's sf debut features strong male and female protagonists and a well-realized far-future world. Blending hard science with a familiar tale of star-crossed lovers, this novel deserves a wide readership. Copyright 1995 Reed Business Information, Inc.