The Multiplex Man

The Multiplex Man

James P. Hogan

Language: English

Publisher: Baen

Published: Dec 28, 2004

Words: 122281
Pages: 522


From Publishers Weekly In this unfocused SF thriller set in the near future, the bureaucracy governing America and Western Europe has used environmental protection as an excuse to wrest away personal liberty, while the military conducts secret experiments in transferring personality from one brain to another as the ultimate form of mind control. Conservative schoolteacher Richard Jarrow awakens one day in an Atlanta hotel room with a new body and a six-month gap in his memory. His original corpus, he learns, died six months ago, and he shares the new body with several other personalities, among them a deadly super-spy code-named Samurai. The spy has been assigned to track down scientist Conrad Ashling, who pioneered the brain-transfer technology. Now disillusioned, Ashling is seeking to defect to the open society of Eastern Europe and the offworld colonies. The ensuing chase across the globe and into space is marred by weak characterizations and the protagonist's frequent changes of identity, which lead to a troublesome lack of continuity. Readers are unlikely to believe in the world Hogan ( Entroverse ) creates or to care much about its inhabitants. Copyright 1992 Reed Business Information, Inc. Product Description Richard Jarrow, a mild and unassuming teacher, wakes up in a hotel room in a strange city with no memory. Everyone he knows treats him as a stranger. The government and secret police think he knows the whereabouts of a missing scientist named Ashling who was planning to defect to the Offworld colonies. Finding Ashling will be the key to Jarrow finding out what happened to himself.