Outward Bound

Outward Bound

James P. Hogan

Book 6.0 of Jupiter

Language: English

Publisher: Baen

Published: Jan 1, 1999

Words: 61099
Pages: 252


Fifteen-year-old Linc Marani is from the wrong side of twenty-second century L.A.'s tracks. Everyone he knows is addicted to dope, booze, and the violence that masquerades as bravado in life on the streets. When a chance at some cold hard cash is offered to him by a slick associate in a fancy Cadillac, Linc jumps at the bait—only to find himself sentenced to a juvenile labor camp when the heist goes sour. Labor camp: To Linc it means an aching, dawn-to-dusk grind—Marine bootcamp-style discipline with no hope of escape or parole. He is about to give up and accept this precisely regimented and miserable future when a mysterious psychologist offers hin the chance of a life time. Can Linc overcome one of the worst neighborhoods on Earth by proving his worth on a mission beyond the stars. *Outward Bound* is the sixth book in the Jupiter™ series, one of the most enjoyable series being written in the genre today. Patterned after the inspiring coming-of-age novels that Robert Heinlein and Isaac Asimov used to write, the Juptiter™ series has laid claim to the same imaginative drive and skillful storytelling tah have delighted generations of science fiction readers worldwide.