High Crystal

High Crystal

Martin Caidin

Book 5.0 of Six Million Dollar Man

Language: English

Publisher: Mayflower

Published: Mar 18, 1976

Words: 62217
Pages: 257


**Is this a secret link to the chariots of the Gods?** High in the Andes is an impossible highway, more than two miles above sea level, built of rocks smooth as marble. Who built it? How were such huge slabs of rock lifted to such heights? What forces were used to fuse them into an unsegmented strip? No modern man has explored these mountains; what ancient culture flourished here and performed such marvels? Only Steve Austin can lead an expedition into this hostile land. Only the bionic man can hack his way through the fields of razor-sharp grass, scale the sheer rock cliffs and fly the turbulent skies from mountain ledge to mountain top where the source of the secret energy is hidden.****